Chuyên đề mệnh đề chỉ kết quả trong tiếng Anh


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Chuyên đề mệnh đề chỉ kết quả trong tiếng Anh

1. Cause and effect with “too”/ “enough”:

a. too:Thường với “too” ta có cấu trúc câu sau:

S – be (look/ seem/ get/ become/…) – too adj (for O) – to V

S – V – too adv (for O) – to V

e.g. He is too short to play football.

The car was too expensive for him to buy.

He drove too fast to stop immediately.

He ran too slowly to become the winner of the race.

b. enough: ta có cấu trúc câu sau:

S – be – adj enough (for O) – to V

hay S – V – adv enough (for O) – to V

e.g. She isn’t old enough to drive a car.

The exercises were not easy enough for us to do them without difficulty.

He spoke English well enough to be an interpreter.

He drove slowly enough to avoid crashing.

Lưu ý: “TOO” mang hàm ý phủ định “quá…không thể’ nhưng “ENOUGH” lại có nghĩa “đủ…để”

2. Cause and effect with “so adj/ adv that”:

S – V – so – adj/ adv – that S – V

e.g. The soprano sang so well that she received a standing ovation.

Terry ran so fast that he broke the previous speed record.

Judy worked so diligently that she received an increase in salary.

The soup tastes so good that everyone will ask for more.

The little boy looks so unhappy that we all feel sorry for him.

The students had behaved so badly that he was dismissed from the class.

3. Cause and effect with “so few/ many – Ns that”:

S – verb – so – few/ many – Ns – that – S – V

e.g. The Smiths had so many children that they formed their own baseball team.

I had so few job offers that it wasn’t difficult to select one.

We have so many guests that we have to borrow chairs from our neighbors.

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He had received so few agreements that he couldn’t be appointed.

5. Cause and effect with “so much/ little – uncountable N – that”:

S –verb – so – much/ little – uncountable N – that – S – V

e.g. He has invested so much money in the project that he cannot abandon it now.

The grass received so little water that it turned brown in the heat.

5. Cause and effect with “such – a(n) – adj – N – that”:

S – verb – such – a(n) – adjective – N – that S – V

e.g. It was such a hot day that we decided to stay indoors.

It was such an interesting book that he couldn’t put it down.

6. Cause and effect with “so – adj – a(n) –N – that”:

e.g. It was so hot a day that we decided to stay indoors.

It was so interesting a book that he couldn’t put it down.

7. Cause and effect with “such –adj – Ns/ uncountable N – that”:

S –verb –such – adjective – Ns/ uncountable N – that S – V

e.g. She has such exceptional abilities that everyone is jealous of her.

They are such beautiful pictures that everybody will want one.

Perry has had such bad luck that he’s decided not to gamble.

This is such difficult homework that I will never finish it.

Exercise 1: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

1. The furniture was too old to keep.

→ It was _____________________

2. He can’t afford to buy the car.

→ The car ___________________

3. The play is so popular that the theatre is likely to be full every night.

→ Such is ____________________

3. Alice lost all her hope; she decided to stop her business.

→ Such was ___________________

4. He is very strong. He can lift the box.

→ He is ______________________

5. He ate a lot of food. He became ill.

→ He ate _______________________.

6. He bought lots of books. He didn’t know where to put them.

→ He bought ____________________

7. He is a very lazy boy. No one likes him.

→ He is such ___________________

8. The coffee is too hot . I can’t drink it.

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→ The coffee is too ________________

9. Her voice is very soft. Everyone likes her.

→ Her voice is so __________________

10. He is so weak. He can’t run.

→ He is too __________________

11. The tea was very hot. He couldn’t drink it.

→ The tea was so ________________

12. The weather is so bad that we can’t go out.

→ The weather is too _____________

13. The film was so boring that we couldn’t go on seeing it.

→ It was such __________________

14. He was so old that he couldn’t run fast.

→ He was such ________________

15. He spoke so fast that we couldn’t understand him.

→ So fast _______________________

16. The fair was so noisy that we couldn’t hear each other.

→ The fair was too _______________

17. You speak so fast that I can’t catch up with your words.

→ You are such ________________

18. It is so early that we can’t go out.

→ It is too _______________________

19. The water is too hot for me to drink.

→ The water is so ________________.

20. The restaurant is expensive so we can’t eat in that restaurant.

→ The restaurant is so ____________

Exercise 2: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

1. He studied badly and he couldn’t pass the exam.

→ He studied so __________________

2. He isn’t very intelligent. He can do it.

→ He isn’t ______________________

3. He has a lot of money. He can buy a car.

→ He has so ____________________

4. The room is so untidy that it took us one hour to clean it.

→ It is _________________________

5. The man is so fool that no one took any notice of him.

→ He is________________________

6. The film is so long that they can’t broadcast it on one night.

→ It is______________________

7. The books are so interesting that we have read them many times.

→ They are___________________

8. The news was so bad that she burst into tears on hearing it.

→ It was____________________

9. The food was so hot that it burned my tongue.

→ It was_____________________

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10. There is so much rain that we can’t go out.

→ It_________________________

11. The boy is so fat that every calls him Stuffy.

→ He is____________________

12. The milk is so excellent that all the children want some more.

→ It is________________________

13. The weather was so warm that they had a walk in the garden.

→ It was_______________________

14. There were so many people in the hall that we couldn’t see him.

→ So many people ______________

15. The match was so exciting that all the fans shouted loudly.

→ It was_____________________

16. They drank so much coffee that they couldn’t sleep all night.

→ So much___________________

17. Alice had so many exercises to do that she couldn’t go out.

→ Alice had such_______________

18. The woman was so poor that she needed everyone’s help.

→ She was____________________

19. The boy is too young to walk to school alone.

→ He was so young______________

20. The car was very rusty and they could travel far in that car.

→ The car was too________________

Exercise 3. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D that best complete the preceding sentence.

1. He had to leave his family_________ when he went abroad to work.

A. behind

B. at a loss

C. at all costs

D. out

2. No child_________ the age of sixteen will be admitted to this film.

A. below

B. except

C. before

D. lacking

3. I have lived near the railway for so long now that I’ve grown_________ to the noise of the trains.

A. familiar

B. accustomed

C. aware

D. unconscious

4. The young soldier_________ a dangerous mission across the desert, although he knew that he might be killed.

A. entered

B. undertook

C. agreed

D. promised

5. From the hotel there is a good_________ of the mountains.

A. view

B. sight

C. vision

D. picture

6. There is a fault at our TV station. Please do not_________ your set.

A. repair

B. change

C. adjust

D. switch

7. It is usually better not to_________ things, in case they are not returned.

A. offer

B. lend

C. borrow

D. lose


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